About Us

Fighting for Sight was established in 2001 to protect the vision of people in Grampian.  The charity is based in the Eye Outpatient department at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.  Vision loss affects a patient’s independence, mobility and quality of life.  800 patients are seen every week in the Eye Outpatient Department and 3500 people are registered blind or partially sighted every year in Grampian.  91% of the money donated to, and raised by Fighting for Sight, is put back in to the charity.

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The charity has already raised money to build a dedicated Clinical Research Centre, adjacent to the Eye Out-patient Department and this was opened in 2007.  The charity continues to raise money to provide cutting edge equipment for the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of conditions and to fund ongoing eye research.

Fighting for Sight aims to :

  1. Support high quality clinical research focused on the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of eye diseases
  2. Equip, furnish and maintain the clinical research centre
  3. Fund a part-time clinical research scientist
  4. Promote patient education and support

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