Successful fund raising to date has allowed the building of the “Fighting for Sight Clinical Research Centre” adjacent to the Eye Clinic at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.

91% of the money donated to, and raised by Fighting for Sight, is put back into the FFS Clinical Research Centre to fund research, equipment and a part-time researcher.  We keep our running costs to a minimum.  The Fighting for Sight annual income is increasing with growing awareness of the charity in the North East of Scotland.

FFS financials pie chart

FFS financials summary

Equipment purchased to date:

Examination Slit Lamps (x2) £20,000
Humphrey Visual Field Analyser £22,000
Spectralis OCT Retinal Imager £40,000
Electrophysiology Equipment £34,000
SLT Laser £24,995
HRT Glaucoma & Cornea Imager £45,000
55° Lens and Viewing Software £5,675
HRTII-rostock £45,463
SHIL multifocal imager 3GEN £14,400
Slit lamp camera system £5,675
Microkeratome £7,500

We also installed both a coffee and snack vending machines into the waiting area so that patients are able to obtain refreshments out with the WRVS opening hours £10,840

Rostock SHIL mfERG imager slit lamp camera Spectralis

Patient Education
Printing of patient Information leaflets;
“Low vision – what next” for patients newly diagnosed with visual loss
“Useful Hints & Tips to get round some of the problems your reduced vision may be causing you” for patients pre-blind registration

Research project grants

Progression of Retinal Pigment Epithelium Atrophy in Stargardt disease (McBain et al)

Prediction of the 5-year risk of progression of diabetic retinopathy and of progression to proliferative diabetic retinopathy using risk factors determined by automated retinal image analysis (Fleming et al).

A longitudinal study of “low zinc status”: retinal electrophysiological assessment, progression and correlation with zinc status biomarkers (Ugarte, M et al)

Novel Concentric Macular Rings Sign in Patients with Foveal Hypoplasia (Cornish, KS et al)

Correlation of LOCSIII grading of cataract and assessment of macular function by pattern electroretinogram (McBain et al)